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Full Media Campaign


If you are looking to create a full press/publicity campaign, this will need to be strategically devised and begun at least 3 months before publication. Katy prides herself in working very closely with authors to create a targeted campaign to cover a whole range of media from traditional newspaper and magazine reviews to bloggers and vloggers reviews and suitable websites. She also maps out stories and features to be placed in specific publications - local and national - as well as approaching radio and TV. This strategy ensures the book gets maximum exposure in the run up to and after publication.


The cost of a full campaign starts at £1,000.

Ongoing Profile Work


Once a book is published it is important to keep up the author/book's profile and this can be attained through a number of different ways and across a range of different media. Katy works closely with the author to develop their profile in social media as well as placing articles, interviews and Q&A's with both traditonal and online media. Thanks to her 20 years as a journalist, Katy has top contacts, first class instincts for 'finding a story' as well as a strong writing style. Her pitches simply fly into their targeted publications.


Ongoing profile work starts at £250.

Press Releases


Perhaps you are happy to take on the press and publicity yourself but you just need a helping hand to get going? Katy Weitz can create a press release to start the ball rolling - she knows just how to design and phrase a sparkling press release that is sure to get you moving in the right direction. An engaging bold pitch can give you the confidence you need to start 'talking up' your book. With an expert hand guiding you, this will provide the first rung on a succesful PR campaign ladder.



Prices for a press release start at £150.

Looking for a Book Publicist?


Written a book but don't know how to publicise it?  Or do you already have a book out and you need some ongoing 'profile' work? Perhaps you are a publisher looking to employ a publicist on a freelance basis. Whatever the situation, you have come to the right place. Katy Weitz has the instincts, the knowledge, contacts and the know-how to ensure your book gets the attention it deserves.

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