Katy Weitz is a story-teller of the highest order. Throughout her career, first as a newspaper journalist and later as the founder of a real life story agency, she has been drawn to incredible true stories and has harnessed all her skills to bring these stories to the widest audience possible. It was this drive to help ordinary people tell their extraordinary stories which led her into the role of ghostwriter. To date, she has published ten books for some of Britain's biggest publishers, with number 11 due out in October 2018.

In September 2015 Katy's book Sins of the Mother won the coveted No. 1 spot in the Sunday Times Bestseller list. Her books have been sold all over the world and translated into French, German, Czech and Indian. Several have been the subjects of TV documentaries and work is currently underway to turn two of her books into films.

Katy has a proven track record for producing sensitive, insightful and well-crafted memoirs to deadline and is represented by the Andrew Lownie Literacy Agency for her commercial work. Combining empathy and vision, Katy connects deeply with those she works with, and this is demonstrated by her uncanny ability to 'become' them on the page. It is this authenticity which has propelled Katy to the top of her profession.

Her ghosted books to date include Daddy’s Little Secret by Tina Stevens [Ebury], Mummy is a Killer by Nikkia Roberson [Ebury], Cellar Girl by Joesfina Rivera [Ebury],  Little Drifters: Kathleen’s Story by Kathleen O’Shea [HarperCollins], The Devil On The Doorstep by Annabelle Forest [Simon & Schuster], Tressa: The 12-year-old Mum by Tressa Middleton [Blake], Seconds to Snap by Tina McGuff [Blake], Sins of the Mother by Irene Kelly [Macmillan] , Wthout a Mother's Love by Amanda Wright [Blake] and I Own You by Dawn McConnell [Macmillan]. Aardman: An Epic Journey, by Peter Lord, David Sproxton and Nick Park, is the story about the British animation studio Aardman. Published by Simon & Schuster, it is due out in October 2018.

Thanks to her journalistic talents and contacts, Katy works alongside publishers and authors to gain publicity and maximum exposure.


LATEST NEWS: Films rights to Sins of the Mother Sold to Unstoppable Urges Productions

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