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Frequently asked questions




How long will it take to write my book?


Every book is different and, depending on the length and amount of research required, the work could take anything from 10 weeks to 6 months. However, for an 80,000 word memoir based solely on recollections, we can guarantee your book will be delivered within 12 weeks of commission.


How can I be sure that you will be accurate?


All interviews are digitally recorded - these interviews are then transcribed word-for-word before any writing takes place. This ensures your book is as accurate as you are. After the interviews are transcribed, Katy will then write a Chapter Outline of the book, organising the text into a narrative structure. Before she writes one word of your book, you will be able to see and make any changes you wish to the Chapter Outline. Only once you have given your full approval to this 'blueprint' for the book does the writing commence in earnest. Then you will be sent the chapters as they are written, week by week, for your feedback and amendments. This collaborative approach ensures the writing is both accurate and has your full approval throughout.


How is payment made?


Once we have come to an agreement to ghostwrite your book, we will draw up a collaboration agreement to set out the terms of our working relationship. On signature of the collaboration agreement 50 % of the commission is to be paid to ghostwriter4hire. The remaining 50% is due on completion of the book.


What if I'm not happy with what you've written?


Disagreements between author and ghostwriter are rare but they can happen. In this instance, our collaboration agreement nominates an arbiter to resolve the dispute. However, generally speaking, we will always try and accomodate your wishes to ensure you are 100% happy with the finished product.


Will I be able to get a publishing deal once my book is written?

Landing a publishing deal is not easy but before your book is even written we can give you a fair appraisal on whether your book has commercial appeal. In this instance you may find it helpful to read our step-by-step guide on working with a ghost on a commercial project here.


Do you write fiction?

No. Katy only writes non-fiction books or  memoirs. Memoirs can be written anonymously or in a fictionalised style in order to protect the identities of those involved. However, the story is always real. Please do not contact Katy with an idea for a work of fiction.

How do I publicise my book once it is written?

A book will not sell itself - once you have a book written and ready to publish then you will want to start thinking about publicity. And unless you have a whopping great marketing budget for your book, the cheapest and quickest way towards getting your book out there is through the media. If you are self-publishing Katy can advise you on a press and publicity strategy in her capacity as a book publicist. See here for more details.

Do you have more questions?
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