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'Intelligent, inquisitive and very perceptive...'


Kathleen O'Shea worked with Katy Weitz on her memoir Little Drifters. She says the process and outcome surpassed all her expectations.


"As assuring as Katy was on our first conversation on the phone, I was still jittery and full of anxiety meeting her for the first time. But her jovial, chatty and carefree nature made me feel at ease - so comfortable in fact that it felt like I'd known her all my life. Katy is an intelligent, inquisitive and very perceptive person and we get on remarkably well. She has a very good work ethic and is always very professional in her work. She portrayed my story so accurately that I could see the events unfold as I read each chapter. I could not be more pleased with the finished book - she has done a tremendous job. I would readily recommend her to any new potential authors out there.'



Writing a book can be a daunting task. Where does one start? But, with Katy’s methodical and professional approach, the book took shape very quickly. Katy’s gentle yet direct interview technique meant that she was able to bring the most important aspects of my story to light. Her structuring of the story – both in terms of timeline and chapter outline were a fantastic starting point to see what the book would eventually look like. And, then over a period of 12 weeks she fleshed out the story. She captured me, my story and my voice in the book beautifully. Katy approached my book with a professionalism that cannot be faulted – and yet there was also a personal touch – she became emotionally invested in my story. In her writing I could hear my voice. I am already planning my second book – and I will definitely be working with Katy again in the near future.

Ms BL, August 2018

A Private Client writes...

'Katy was

easy to talk to...'

Annabelle Forest:

'Katy was so easy to talk to - I had some very difficult stuff to tell her and she made it very easy for me. There's nothing judgemental about her. It's like she is on your side from the word go. I was really happy with how she wrote my story. It made me cry at times because it was as if she could say the things I felt but could never express.'


​From the moment I started talking to Katy I knew she would do a brilliant job and my trust in her was not misplaced. When the chapters started to emerge I was really impressed with how well they were written and how accurately she had captured me and my experiences. Reading back all those memories of my mother was so wonderful and now I know that all those memories will never fade. It was a great tribute to my mother to be able to write about her in this way and pass that on to the younger generations.'

Josefina Rivera, Cellar Girl

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Seconds to Snap: One Explosive Day. A Family Destroyed. My Descent into Anorexia

by Tina McGuff was published by Blake in June 2015 and is a searingly honest, disturbing but ultimately enlightening journey into the darkest recesses of the mind. Tina took seconds to snap and a lifetime to recover from this mental illness which nearly killed her on several occasions. She says: 'Without Katy this book would not have been possible. She took a chance on me and for that I will always be thankful. If this book reaches one person and helps them, it will have all been worth it.'


'A wholly positive experience...'

'From the moment I contacted Katy about helping compose a personal memoir, she was professional, supportive and diligent. 

Having laid out and explained a clear process from detailed interviews through to delivery of a chapter outline and several written chapters per week, Katy met every expectation. This was a friendly, collaborative journey which was a wholly positive and cathartic experience for me and I am both thrilled with and proud of the outcome.'

Mr D, Private Memoir, 2018

'A great tribute to my mother'

Tressa: The 12-year-old Mum by Tressa Middleton was published by Blake in May 2015. Tressa says:  'I'll always be grateful to Katy for giving me the chance to finally tell the truth about my life, for giving me the chance to tell my side of the story.'

'A chance to tell the truth.'

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