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7 Reasons To Use A Ghostwriter

Not everyone will have the same reason for using a ghostwriter to write their autobiography. Here expert Katy Weitz shares her top 7 reasons for employing a ghost:

  • Your Story Told The Right Way

Though many of us spend time writing in our daily lives, there’s no denying it is pretty hard to write a whole book, especially if you’ve never written one before. And it is even harder if that book is about you. Most of us think we have quite interesting lives and can summon up a pretty decent anecdote if pressed. But would we know how to structure a book about our lives that delivers a really compelling narrative over 80,000 words? Pacing and weighting are two key aspects to any book. And it’s not so much that a ghostwriter will search through your life and pick and choose what to put in or leave out – it’s more that they will know how to weight the information and pace the delivery correctly to create form and structure. It’s the difference between a reader who gives up halfway through a book and one who stays awake till 4am to finish it because they simply have to know what happens next. That’s what a good ghostwriter can do for your story.

  • Freeing Up Time For You To Do What You Love

Many people with fascinating stories are often enormously busy in their day-to-day lives – and they love what they do! So whether you are a nurse, teacher, foster carer, charity head, political campaigner or CEO of your own business, hiring a ghostwriter means you don’t have to give up doing what you love to devote your time to writing. All we ask is a little one-on-one time for the interviews and then some honest feedback once we start churning out the chapters. That is all. So whatever it is that makes you leap out of bed each morning, you can carry on doing it and write your autobiography at the same time!

  • An Opportunity To Share What You’ve Learned – Globally!

Not all memoirs or biographies lend themselves to a straightforward chronological narrative – in fact, some memoirs can be ordered thematically, allowing an individual to share their ‘life lessons’ through anecdotes and examples. Having your book ghosted could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share what you’ve learned with a worldwide audience. You could be a business guru, dog trainer extraordinaire, extreme sports enthusiast or a collector of rare and beautiful things – thanks to eBooks and the possibilities of digital publishing, a book will allow you to reach a truly global audience.

  • A Marketing Tool Like No Other

Talking of business, a book is probably the best marketing tool there is. If you have an area of expertise in the business world, what better way to sell yourself than to write your own how-to guide? A book is an effective and authoritative way to make your mark in a particular field and even widen your target audience. Speakers too can benefit from having their own book to sell at conference, giving the author the opportunity to recoup their initial outlay for the book itself. If you’re building a personal brand and a reputation, you really can’t do better than a book. For one thing, publishing your own book gives you an instantly credible reason for publicity.

  • A Record To Treasure

With the help of a ghostwriter you can record those truly amazing experiences that have gone into shaping your life. Many of us have cherished memories we would like to share with our loved ones, and pass down to the generations to come. Our talented, compassionate writers know exactly how to listen and guide you in order to capture the recollections that have gone into making your life unique. Together, we can create a special volume that captures the most treasured memories in your life.

  • To Ensure The Job Gets Done

The most often repeated phrase I hear from potential clients is the following: ‘I’ve been meaning to write a book for years, but I just haven’t found the time to do it yet.’ When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions or general life goals, a lot of people will put ‘Write My Autobiography’ somewhere at the bottom of the list. And it’s not surprising – where do you even start? It’s such a mammoth task that even the idea is so daunting, many give up before they've even begun. That is where a ghostwriter comes in – we will get the job done. Full stop. Most memoirs can be written within three months (provided we are given enough interview time with our author), so that means you’ll be able to cross ‘Write Autobiography’ off your To Do List within 12 short weeks.

  • Because it’s Great Fun!

The best times in my life have been spent with authors recalling their happiest, funniest, most moving and greatest memories. I’ve watched faces light up with pure joy as clients have relived childhoods or special events. And I’ve listened with awe as they have described loved ones they have lost with exquisite tenderness, knowing for a fact that those people will live on through our shared writings. And I’m always honoured to be present when someone recalls an encounter, a thought, feeling or experience that has been truly transformative in their lives. Writing a life story with the help of a ghost can be a moving, healing, thought-provoking, fun, funny and at times, quite hysterical experience. In short, it is one hell of a ride!

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