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Five Star Reviews for Tressa's Tale

Amazon customers are raving about Tressa Middleton’s heartbreaking new memoir Tressa: The 12-year-old Mum.

Since it was published two weeks ago, Tressa’s book has received nothing but five star ratings and glowing reviews from customers of the online bookseller.

One reviewer, calling herself mpg, wrote: ‘Beautifully written. Tressa, you are so brave to share your story, you are an inspiration. I hope that one day you are reunited with your daughter and I wish you all the happiness in the world.’

Linzi Beattie wrote: ‘Eye opening read. Just goes to show you should take what you read in the media with a pinch of salt. Never judge a book by its cover. Very brave lady.’

While Debbie Watts wrote: ‘I could not stop reading this true story. It tells of an unhappy childhood in and out of care. Being placed back with her mother done her no good at all. It highlights the failings of social services. I am pleased that Tressa has started to get her life back on track. Excellent reading.’

Tressa herself has received hundreds of Facebook messages from well-wishers supporting her decision to tell the truth about her tragic background.

Tressa was raped age 11 by her own brother and subsequently gave birth to Annie when she was just 12 years old. Nobody knew the truth about the abuse and Tressa, though just a child herself, was vilified in the national press. Finally, aged 14, Tressa found the courage to tell her carers the identity of the father and Jason Middleton was jailed for rape in 2009.

But the pain and trauma proved too much for Tressa, who became depressed and suicidal, which led to Annie being adopted aged two years old.

Since then Tressa, from Bathgate in Scotland, has overcome drug addiction and suffered the loss of her own mother, but now she is determined set the record straight and to reach out to other victims of abuse.

‘The response to my book has been amazing,’ says Tressa, now 21. ‘I never imagined for a moment that I’d get so many people supporting me, people interested in reading my story, hearing my side of things. I’ve found it particularly comforting that people who have themselves been adopted have got in touch to tell me not to worry and that they don’t hold any bad feelings towards their own birth parents. It’s been so wonderful and I’m grateful to everyone who has bought the book and written nice things about me. I hope it encourages other young people to speak out about their suffering and to share their pain. I wish I had told someone sooner what Jason was doing to me. But I can’t change the past – I’m looking to the future now and hoping I can make a difference in somebody else’s life.’

You can read Tressa’s story here:


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